White Shift by G. O. Clark


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It may astound you to learn that almost everyone likes poetry . . . including you. You like songs, right? Whether it’s country or rock or hip-hop, those lyrics often have a poetic sense to them, and sometimes even imagery that grabs you despite your proclamation of “I don’t like poetry.” For instance? Try these:
” . . . the nights rolled by like headlights shining on a lonesome strip of tar . . . ”
Mary-Chapin Carpenter
” . . . I’d give my soul away to hold you once again . . . ”
Lara Fabian
” . . . the only thing that keeps us [me and Jesus] distant is that I keep f**king up . . . ”
Indigo Girls
” . . . I wished I could forget that I used to live . . . ”
Dark Sanctuary
Right? Now try this snippet of science fiction poetry:
The Luddite robot
has trouble functioning
in our modern world,

spends most of his time
trying to rebut the evidence
from his own sensors.

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