Whispers in Space


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Whispers in Space by Michael Merriam
What’s in here, you ask, that I should read this?
Dear Reader, if the contents of this book could be sound-byted, there would be no reason at all to read this. But you can’t sound-byte possible futures and possible situations and possible civilizations. You have to dig in, and experience the stories. In them, you’ll meet creatures great and small, good and evil, happy and sad and alone.
Not enough?
You’ll meet Lucza, Keeper of the Minds and Curator of the Souls and Protector of the Past, who has to destroy the worlds in order to save existence . . . and you.
You’ll meet a memory from an alien space station . . . and a child’s call to play hide-and-seek among the stars.
You’ll meet a stowaway who jeopardizes a rescue mission in space because he’s lonely.
You’ll meet a soldier on a colony of Earth who sees a difference between a colonist and a criminal, only to find that his orders compel him to regard them as the same.
Want more? Great! Buy the book, have a seat, and start turning the pages.


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