Walking Like Morpheus


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Walking Like Morpheus by Edward Cox
HYPNOS CORPORATION: the largest purveyor of dreamtime entertainment in the world. With a standard subscription you receive a state of the art isolation tank, and access to Hypnos’ theta slipstream: a magical dream world that knows no bounds, where professional dreamers are waiting to help you become anything you want, and go anywhere you can imagine. And if you are really lucky, your dreams will be assigned to Aidan Morrish.
Aidan is the best dream guide Hypnos has to offer. Life for him is the life of a superstar. But being the best has a downside; jealousy is everywhere, and many want to ruin Aidan’s reputation. So when his client inexplicably disappears mid-dream, Hypnos revokes Aidan’s lucrative dream contract, and it seems his enemies have succeeded. Aidan knows he is being victimised, but when he sets out to prove his innocence, he discovers a secret that runs far deeper than the envy of his peers


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