Trysts of Fate Issue 1


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What is paranormal romance? It’s “fantasy/dark fantasy/horror ROMANCE stories, but we will not turn away a good sci-fi tale if the love story is compelling. …True romances emphasize powerful emotions. Stories must have the following: characters the reader cares about, plots and subplots, and settings that draw the reader into them. We want romance with an alluring, paranormal twist – even if it’s tragic.”
Similarly, author Keri Arthur’s definition appeared in an article called, “Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy: Defining Two Popular Subgenres,” for Romance Writers of Australia, and states, “a paranormal romance is a romance with paranormal characters and events. It follows the same rules that apply to all romances and it has the build-up of the romance as the heart and main plot of the novel. The only real difference is that either one or both of the main characters often aren’t human, and the story itself can dip into darker waters plot-wise than a regular romance.”
All stories are of course about characters, and that’s what you’ll find in here: characters to love and loathe and fear and admire and . . . just come check them out.

Dying To Love You by C. L. Mitchell
Dolly In The Deep by Michelle Drumheller
Festival Of Light by L. A. Story Sikora
H²O by Beth Powers
KillerElla by Dale T. Phillips
Dream Girl by Tyree Campbell


Mind Reader by Keith W. Sikora
The Garden by Brian Rosenberger
Beside the Bed by Matthew Wilson
A Far-Travelling Handwritten Love Letter by J. J. Steinfeld
No One Believed She Was That Old by J. J. Steinfeld
Soul Mates by Guy Belleranti
The Survivor by Matthew Wilson


Romantic Weirdness: Defining Paranormal Romance by L. A. Story Sikora


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