Spell Keeper, The


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The Spell Keeper by Dana M. Baird
In the land of Tevious, the people are suffering under the occupation of Trevarre, a foppish warlord-sorcerer with an undead army, and his accomplice Rangael, a corrupt High Priest with a lust for power. The Tevians’ only hope is the Spell Keeper, a hero who will come to overthrow the evil regime, reawaken the dormant currents of sorcery, and restore peace to their small country. They are surprised when they get Cassie, a fifteen-year-old from Illinois — but not as surprised as she is. With no way home, Cassie joins a rebellion led by an irreverent wise-woman, a former highwayman, and a healer with an important secret. Cassie must use her wits as well as her newfound powers to challenge Trevarre, discovering in the process that her lineage is somehow linked to the troubled land. She is potentially the most powerful sorceress that has ever lived. But her adversary can turn people inside out with a thought…


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