Martian Women, The


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The Martian Women by Tyree Campbell
Five generations of humans have settled on Mars. Society has passed through various stages: pioneer, settlement, and now industrial. Women, equals in society if not by law at the onset of colonization, are once again subservient.
Except Teresa Minerva Timberlake.
Born during a hellacious sandstorm, raised by a legendary woman, impulsive to a fault, Traci Timberlake discovers a way to travel to the distant stars, to free humanity to explore and seek its destiny. The corporations of the Inner Solar System are willing to kill Timberlake and her apprentice, Allan O’Toole, to suppress publication and prevent dissemination of this discovery.
But Traci is a fifth-generation Martian woman, and she has the history and the accomplishments of four female ancestors to call on for help, courage, and inspiration. The courtroom trial scene of Traci Timberlake is one you will never forget.
The Martian Women is a novella published in trade paperback format.


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