Sounds of the Night 10


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As always, Sounds of the Night features outstanding material, including “The Skin Mechanic” by Edward Cox; “I imagine myself in bed with Han Solo” by Kari Cantor; “Fly Away Home” by Jennifer Solomon; and many others. The cover features art by Teresa Tunaley of the Canary Islands [we go to the remote spots of the planet for our cover art!].
Edward Cox: The Skin Mechanic
Jennifer Solomon: Fly Away Home
Ann Gimpel: The Wolf Next Door
Dmitri Levitsky: Drawing Fragments
Suzanne van Rooyen: Tartarus
Hayden Trenholm: The Taste Of Dust
Lee Clark Zumpe: Dance Before You Go
Kari Castor: I imagine myself in bed with Han Solo
Linda Ann Strang: Preparing Fresh Mermaid
Derek Keast: Far Out
Alison Lyke: Mud Provocation
Terrie Leigh Relf: Put your left foot on heaven
William Andre Sanders: Condemned Retention
Keith Sikora: Shade Of Mystic
Mary A. Turzillo: Venus Again
Review of The Green Lantern by Lee Clark Zumpe