Shelter of Daylight #8


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Tyree Campbell: Heirloom Seed
Robert J. Krog: In The Park After Dark
Beth Powers: Racing The Sand
Kristy Buzbee: The Demon And The Moon
Steven Spellman: The Fountain
Chelsea M. Smith: Lizzaline And The Cloud Keepers
Sandi Leibowitz: The Chambermaid’s Room
R. D. Vick: For Love Of Humanity Not
E. E. King: The Entanglements Of Possession
M. R. Williamson: Unlikely Friend
L. Joseph Shosty: Hearth And Home
Gilda A. Herrera: The Swell Conspiracy
Steven Spellman: Illusions
flash fiction
Anna Sykora: My Wife Nessie
Lauren McBride: Offbeat
David C. Kopaska-Merkel: Hush
Richard E Marion: Eclectus
Yunsheng Jiang: A Story In Spring
Lee Clark Zumpe: Felis sylvestris lybica
Denny Marshall: While The Universe Still Expands
William Beyer: In Emily Dickinson’s Garden: Amherst
WC Roberts: Ituk
Richard H. Fay: When Wizards Dream At Night
Lee Clark Zumpe: Martian Messiah
Lee Clark Zumpe: Monolith
Phantom Navigation by Robert Frazier, Reviewed by Edward Cox
Blood Wallah and Other Poems by Robert Borski, Reviewed by Edward Cox