Shelter of Daylight #9


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Louise Hughes: A Right To Rule
A. Francis Raymond: Planting Time
Beth Powers: Konstantin
T. Fox Dunham: The Singing Dragons Of Mars
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt: C.Moira’s Choice
Steve Cameron: To The Sea, To The Sea, To The Recovering Sea
Christian Riley: The Tattoo Artist
Wayne Carey: Programs
Daniel Maclaine: The False Waking Of Gwalchgwyn
Jonathan Wolf: A True Accounting Of The Justin Wilkins Story
flash fiction
Bill Finnegan: Love Amidst Global Warming
Chris Bolay: The Tower
A. J. Huffman: Mo(u)rning. Over A Phoenixed Wing
Denny Marshall: Two Ships In The Night
Zoe Broome: The Dreams Follow Them
WC Roberts: Digital Vault
Sarah M. Lewis: Sherwood Forest
Anna Sykora: An Old Witch
WC Roberts: Destinies
Martha M. Wilson: Legerdemain
John Hayes: Alien Lover
J. J. Steinfeld: The Beginning Of An Inter-galactic Love Affair