Shelter of Daylight #6


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Melissa Mead: Wingless
Vonnie Winslow Crist: Pacific
Jonathan S. Pembroke: A Bird In The Hand
Matthew Keville: Knowing What I Know Now
Nyki Blatchley: The Eternal Sorceress
Anne E. Johnson: The Orpheus Factor
Matthew Bey: Cuckoo-Cuckoo-Cuckoo
Heather Kuehl: Raising The Dead
Adnane Rehane: Yearnings
G. O. Clark: The Power Of Words
Rone Wisten: Killing Kindness
Milo James Fowler: Insight
Erika Holt: Two Crows
Wade German: Meet The Pentachromats
K. S. Hardy: On A Planet With Double Suns
You’ll never date another Earthling that way,” she says, by Terrie Leigh Relf
Les Merton: Getting Laid
Gary Every: Coyote Moon
Peter Layton: What Can Be Will Be
Wade German: Rural Encounters of the Fomalhaut Kind
Christina Sng: Exquisite
Peter Layton: Plague Carrying
Robert William Shmigelsky: Temporal Charge
Graylin Fox: Champion
Christina Sng: The Journey