Saving Death


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Saving Death by Angel Favazza
Jace’s home planet, Zar 5, was taken over by the Xon to control the galaxy’s shipping trade. But ten thousand Kataree survived and fled to a planet several hundred light-years away. There they built a shanty town anomaly called, Cian. It was dirty and overcrowded. The adults wanted everyone to stay close together until the perimeters were locally secured.
As for Jace and his crew, well, they didn’t care about what the adults wanted. Not long ago after their arrival on Cian, Jace started the Kataree militia. The Kataree goal was simple: arm themselves, train and return back to Zar 5, find the annual historian, reclaim the data chips from the year of their evacuation and destroy it so that they can reset time. It was the ultimate time paradox: Would apprehending and then destroying the data restore them back to a time of peace or would it ruin them all? None of them knew for sure, but it was a cause they were willing to die for.
There were seven members. And they all know that Jace would die for any of them . . . except one.


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