Paranormal/Romance: Romancing The Paranormal


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Paranormal/Romance: Romancing The Paranormal by Denise Dumars
Interacting with the paranormal used to involve mediums, seances, the Ouija board, tarot cards, and other familiar metaphysical devices. Today, we live in a world saturated with technology, yet simultaneously fixated on the paranormal. Ghost hunting is the new fad that seems to be ever-expanding, and so we now see the explosion of technological interaction with the dead.
Alas, times change, but the desire to make contact with the beyond, to span the gulf between our loved ones on the other side and us, has not. This book is a meditation of sorts on our myriad ways of contacting the dead, meeting them on their own terms as well as on ours. It is inspired by many individuals, both those on this side of the veil and those on the other. It is about a special kind of love that we have for those who are no longer with us in our plane of existence…unless you believe, of course, that they are with us still in non-corporeal form.


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