parABnormal Digest #3


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The purpose of this digest is to bring a fresh new approach to the entertainment factors inherent in Paranormal Activities [PA] and the various studies thereof. We seek to publish paranormal stories, poetry, art, and articles that interest the general readership as well as those who are involved in paranormal studies, personally and/or professionally. Put another way, we want to entertain the “paranormal folks” and introduce others to this subgenre of literature and to the scope of theory and practice of PA. The world of the paranormal provides us with ample material for speculation, in stories, poems, and art. Thus parABnormal Digest. Enjoy.
Voodoo Redgunk by William Eakin
The Black Umbrella by April Bullard (flash fiction)
A Woman’s Curse by Damien Mire
Girl on a Swing by William Rasmussen
Evidence of the Eternal by H. David Blalock (reprint)
The Summoning by Michelle Ross
Some Wait in Fear by Lauren McBride
The Big, Fat Lie by Benjamin Sperduto
Induction Day at the Best Little Haunt House by Robin Maginn
Run for Her Money by Ann Gimpel
Cuckoos Over West Spire by Edward Cox
Aunt Sadie’s Ghosts by Lee Clark Zumpe
Melinda by Marge Simon & Sandy DeLuca
spookyku by Shelly Bryant
A Case of the Munchies by Sandy DeLuca & Marge Simon
Down Parson’s Branch Road by Lee Clark Zumpe
Voices from Beyond by Shannon Ryan
Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigations
Melinda by Marge Simon