Outposts of Beyond July 2014


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Outposts of Beyond
July 2014

short stories

Sad Grey Eyes On Tharsis by J Alan Erwine
A Dedicated Woman by Tom Howard
Breaking Free by Julie Kemp
Mushroom Thumb by Priya Sridhar
Rewrites by Shelly Bryant
Flying The Funeral by Peter Medeiros
Skin Thick by Joel David Neff


Odyssey by Kim L. Neidigh
Begin Transmission: Intergalactic Planning Committee by Lauren McBride
scifaiku by Donald Gaither
Scent of Change by Lauren McBride
City Of Fireflies by K. A. Beestone


The Bruce Boston Page – “Advice to Citizens of the 23rd Century” and “Not Only Thoats.”
Taking Chances: An Interview with David Lee Summers, by Robert E. Porter


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