Outposts of Beyond January 2016


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Outposts of Beyond
January 2016

Short Stories
The Starship Magellan by Lee Clark Zumpe
Brain in a Jar by Kirsten Imani Kasai
Blindmary by Tyree Campbell
Dory & Me by Priya Sridhar
Tabitha’s Record by Glen R. Stripling

Flash Fiction
An Unconventional Book Review by Terrie Leigh Relf
New Kings of Old Worlds by Matthew Wilson

When the Stars Align by Kendall Evans & David C. Kopaska-Merkel
retired spacers by Herb Kauderer
The Vale of Lorath by Kim L. Neidigh
Undesired Interlude by Herb Kauderer

From the Editor

cover ElysAlien Fields by Mitchell Davidson Bentley


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