Outposts of Beyond January 2015


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Outposts of Beyond
January 2015

short stories

The Job by Justin Bohardt
The Plunder of Yuarcmaq by Lee Clark Zumpe
Sila by Shelly Bryant
Entropic Order by Sean Patrick Hazlett
Stepping Stones by Jason Lairamore


Marine Archeology? By Will H. Blackwell Jr.
Questioning Space and Time by Marge Simon
Sapphira’s Mansion by Darrell Lindsey
Imperialism by JD DeHart
Being Small by JD DeHart
Deep in the Seas of Europa: Octo-Morons by Lauren McBride
Growing Roses by Darrell Lindsey


Tips for Writer: Introduction to Fedran’s Resonance by D. Moonfire
Europa Report reviewed by Lee Clark Zumpe


Questioning by Sandy DeLuca


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