Outposts of Beyond Issue 2


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Outposts Of Beyond features science fiction and fantasy tales of elsewhere and elsewhen. These stories are seasoned to taste with just a touch of related poetry, and interspersed with reviews, interviews, and articles related to the genres. We hope you’ll come along for the journey.

Issue 2
short stories
Murderer, Confessor, Executioner by Therese Arkenberg
Sparkles by Beth Powers
The Five Letters by Lori Aronson
Fleet by M. Keaton
The God Thing by Steve Cameron
Rio dos Mutantes by Robert Frazier
Glacier Colonists by Deborah Walker
Adolescent Afternoon by Ken Poyner
Children Of The Infinite by Ross Balcom
Rattle The Wolf’s Teeth by Deborah Walker
Writer’s Corner: Harper Pitt’s Journey to Independence, by Rachel Holt
On Being Goth by Kimberly Richardson
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