Outposts of Beyond April 2016


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Outposts of Beyond
April 2016

Short Stories
Isolation Bridge by Kane Gordon & Deborah Walker
Choosing Ways to Die by Crystal Lynn Hilbert
There Is a Kind of Calculus to It by Adrian Simmons
Jewel’s Price by Beth Hudson
Vodyanoi by Dawn Vogel

Flash Fiction
Love Songs of Summer by Maura Gage Cavell

out of the corner of her eye by Lauren McBride
Woman Warrior by K. S. Hardy
Mars by Jane Stuart
Wish You Were Here by K. S. Hardy
Out of Time by Jane Stuart
The Dead Planet? By Norbert Gora
Invaders on Venus by Christina Sng
A Discovery in Space by Christina Sng

Progress or Bust by Robert E. Porter
Featured Poet: Christina Sng

Cover: The Fires of Heaven by Mitchell Davidson Bentley


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