Outposts of Beyond #4


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Outposts of Beyond
April 2014

short stories
Some Time In Marrakesh by Steve Cameron
Through The Father Range by Therese Arkenberg
Starlet by Tyree Campbell
Labor Costs by Tim McDaniel
A Fabricated Life by Dustin Dante Siebel
The Darkworld Contract by Kurt Heinrich Hyatt

flash fiction
A Gardener By Choice by S. D. Gale

The Results Of Toxic Waste by Sandy DeLuca
Tanka by Tyree Campbell
I, XenoSynth Model Z46247, Do Take Thee Human to Love, Honor, and. . . by Terrie Leigh Relf
The Girl In The Golden Atom by David Barber

“Did You Ever Read What They Call Science Fiction?” by Robert E. Porter


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