Only the Lonely


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“Canelle,” said Pierrette, “I am thirty seven years old. I have passed perhaps half of the time I will be allotted. I grew up here, in this cottage, and in Troyes, where I purchased you. My family has a plot in the church cemetery there, where I will be buried one day. I have arranged displays for artifacts from five continents, and dug for them on three. I write books for children. I drive a car that should be put to sleep. I do not cook well. I was married, once, briefly, but we had no children and we drifted apart. I prefer to live alone. I do not dust as often as I should. I think it perhaps my destiny to be a connector. I take the past and, in some small way that is my own, make it palatable to the future. I have things I remember well, and things I wish to forget. As you will leave, and you will not remember me.”

~ from “Sentimental” by Tyree Campbell

“La tristesse durerá toujours.” [The sadness will last forever.]

~ the last words of Vincent van Gogh

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