Nyx: The Protectors


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Nyx: The Protectos by Tyree Campbell
TARGET #3: The Protectors
BRIEFING: A corporate hierarch is en route to Adenne, the world where Nyx is spending her furlough. Because the corporation plans to exploit certain ore deposits, environmentalists from the radical group Ecotect are planning protests and violence, and Nyx is ordered to protect the hierarch from them. Also on Adenne is a top-ranking mortifice named Silver LeMay whose contract seems to include killing both Nyx and the hierarch, and who is aligned with Ecotect. Nyx has just two days to prepare for the hierarch’s arrival. With the local constabulary and the enviromentalists pitted against her, Nyx’s only ally might be the one person on Adenne who has specifically been assigned to kill her.


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