Jiang Li


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Jiang Li by Lenora Rain-Lee Good
Set in the Warring States period, Jiang Li, Warrior Woman of Yueh tells the story of one of the epic battles of Ancient China—between the enemy states of Yueh and Wu. Marked by the magic of White Tiger Mother and trained to use the staff by the great mountain ape, Grandfather Wang, Jiang Li grows into a beautiful woman, loved by all in Yueh who meet her. Faced with the choice of becoming concubine to the Prince whom she loves, or a warrior and savior of Yueh, she forfeits love of a man for love of her country. While Jiang Li trains to save the State of Yueh, another woman warrior, Brother Rat, trains to save her State of Wu. The two women meet in dreams, and by the time they meet in life, they have become friends who must fight to the death.


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