Frost Fire Worlds Vol. 2


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This quarterly magazine is devoted to science fiction and fantasy for younger readers, ages 8 to 80 or so. The stories focus on characters, on adventures, on folks coping with future developments or, in the case of fantasy, magical circumstances.

Issue 2

The Delay in the Hunt for Bigfoot by Gilda A. Herrera
The Wooden Tomb by Gerry Huntman
In a Dragon’s Age by Eric J. Juneau
Three Witches by Megan Neumann
Flash Fiction
The Last Animal Manufactured by K. S. Hardy
The Cook’s Last Words by K. S. Hardy
The Jolly Roger by Luke Jenkins
Scent Of Human by Lauren McBride
The Visitor from Outer Space by Marge Simon
A Match in the Potato Patch by Pearl Hoffman
Mass Production by Kim L. Neidigh
Swamp Days by Kim L. Neidigh
Our Dog Lives by Lauren McBride
A Land of Dragons by Matthew Wilson
Reflections by Connie Bretz
The Ku Page, featuring Donald Gaither and Debby Feo
Townadi by Kay C. Ferris
Spanner & Spoint by Kay C. Ferris
Space Thing by Sandy DeLuca
Sirens in the Night by Denny Marshall