Frost Fire Worlds 16 - Tyree Campbell

Frost Fire Worlds May 2017


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May 2017

When You Wish Upon a Mermaid by Rebecca Linam
Feline Enemy #1 by Priya Sridhar
Lightning by DJ Tyrer
Boon of a Faery Queen by Nemma Wollenfang
Carousel Ride by D. M. Recktenwalt
King of the Butterflies by Christopher Mowder

Flash Fiction
Tusk, Tusk! by Debby Feo
Mort by K. S. Hardy
Addicted to Faith by Charles G. Chettiar

Everybody Has Sung by Debby Feo
But Ma, It’s Not Dark Yet by Debby Feo
Tea Time for Trolls by K. S. Hardy
The Museum of the Ocean by K. S. Hardy
Funeral for a Mermaid by K. S. Hardy
Love Conquers All by Debby Feo
Ghost Hunters by K. S. Hardy
The Fountain by Herb Kauderer
We Are All Stars by Herb Kauderer
The Penguins Protest by K. S. Hardy

Featured Poet: Misty Posey
Shelter Under a Tree
The Mattress Makers
Ad in the Back by Kim L. Neidigh

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