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Frost Fire Worlds 12

Frost Fire Worlds May 2016


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May 2016

Seawrack by D. M. Recktenwalt
Bawming the Thorn by Vonnie Winslow Crist
Nocturnal Creatures by Betty Rocksteady
The Clockwork Owl by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Flash Fiction
Cruel Spells of Magic Men by Matthew Wilson

Welcome by John Grey
Cousin Wolfgang by John Grey
Planet View by Denny E. Marshall
Letiche by Richard Stevenson
Melon Heads by Richard Stevenson
Back cover Xebec by Herb Kauderer

The Adventures of Colo Collins & Tama Toledo in Space and Time by Tyree Campbell- Episode 4: The Instructors and Episode 5: Black Hole
The Lauren McBride Page
The Alan Katerinsky Page
Introduction to Richard Stevenson
The Herb Kauderer Page
The Matthew Wilson Page

Lucy’s Dreams by Sandy DeLuca
Inside the Toy Box by Sandy Deluca