Frost Fire Worlds Issue 3


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This quarterly magazine is devoted to science fiction and fantasy for younger readers, ages 8 to 80 or so. The stories focus on characters, on adventures, on folks coping with future developments or, in the case of fantasy, magical circumstances.

Issue 3

Dragon’s Daughter by Anne E. Johnson
Roots For Wings by E. A. Francis
Shadow Plays by Wil Radcliffe
Insulation by Hall Jameson
There’s Always Fine Print! By Debby Feo
Enryk’s Trouble by Gerry Huntman
Flash Fiction
The Money Tree by K. S. Hardy
She once had a Radio Flyer by Terrie Leigh Relf
Arf! By Kim L. Neidigh
Genesis by Kim L. Neidigh
Life by Brian James
Leaving Mars by Lauren McBride
Space Travel – Beyond The Galaxy by Celine Rose Mariotti
Healthy Lifestyles by Alan Ira Gordon
Man of Steel, Student of Kleenex, by Alan Ira Gordon
Pet Dragon by Lauren McBride
Tremor by Neil Weston
A Curious Story by Gerald Zipper
A Google Search For Salvation by Lauren Reynolds
Scales by Neil Weston
Spidernaut by Debby Feo
So You Want To Be A Writer . . .
Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs: Context In Communication, by Barbara Malmberg
Spell Checker Secrets
It Started With A Word – Poetry Secrets by Shelly Bryant
Meet The Aliens
Sizzers by Kay C. Ferris
Treaf by Kay C. Ferris