Frost Fire Worlds 17 - Karen Otto

Frost Fire Worlds August 2017


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August 2017

The Forest God by Jonathan Garner
Bringing Light to the World by Dawn Vogel
What Monsters Fear by Bill Otto
The Fox and the Troll by Joey Willis
The New Math by Thomas Canfield
Melusine by Jesse Weiner

Space Buddies by Celine Rose Mariotti
The Muthaglubber by E. M. Eastick
The Fabrics of the World by Robert Shmigelsky
The Thing in My Closet by Guy Belleranti
Space Alien Guests by Guy Belleranti

Featured Poet: Debby Feo
No Robots in My House!
Not As Good As It Gets
Personality of Steel
His Robot and Me
With Little Trace Left

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