Frost Fire Worlds August 2015


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August 2015

Dragon Egg Soup by S. Evan Townsend
Water Beneath Dry Grasses by Anne E. Johnson
The Messenger’s Tale by Joel David Neff

The Adventures of Colo Collins & Tama Toledo in Space and Time by Tyree Campbell – Episode 2: Second Thoughts

Flash Fiction
The Rubber Tree Plant by C. T. Alexander
Mad App by JD DeHart
The Panda’s Eyes by Matthew Wilson

Fire of the Lightning God by Matthew Wilson
The Andromeda of Daylight by Shawn Vimislicky
A Magical Night by Jane Craig Sebok
Faerie by Jane Craig Sebok
Queen of Scales by Matthew Wilson
Totally Gross by Alan Ira Gordon
We Never Dreamt [The Invaders] by Alan Ira Gordon
All in the Family by Pat Tompkins
Already Invited by Lauren McBride
White Ops by Alan Ira Gordon
The Chiromancer by Pat Tompkins
Playmates by Lynn Avant
The Question by Pat Tompkins
Encore of an Epilogue by Matthew Wilson
Villains of the Stage by Matthew Wlson
Behemoths Below by Pat Tompkins

It Started with a Word by Shelly Bryant
The Lauren McBride Page
The Celine Rose Mariotti Page
The Herb Kauderer Page


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