Frost Fire Worlds 11

Frost Fire Worlds February 2016


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February 2016


Playing for the Kingdom by Anne E. Johnson
Hacking Larissa by Russell Hemmell
Into the Mist by Sandy DeLuca
Overpaying the Piper by Gilda A. Herrera
The Ventriloquist by K. S. Hardy
Valerie by Preston Dennett
Gargoyles in Prague by Sherri Cook Woosley

Flash Fiction
Why There Are No Unicorns by K. S. Hardy

Amongst the Stars by Christina Sng
Tradition of the Jester by Herb Kauderer
The Titan Who Wears a Giant by Shawn Vimislicky
The Dreaded Dreadnoughtus by B. J. Lee
The October of his Dreams Has Changed by Shawn Vimislicky
Heirloom by Herb Kauderer
Riding the Dark by B. J. Lee

The Lauren McBride Page
The Debby Feo Page
The Adventures of Colo Collins & Tama Toledo in Space and Time by Tyree Campbell- Episode 3: The Extinction Meteorite