Fog Bank, The



The Fog Bank by Leigh McQueen
Praise for Leigh McQueen’s Fog Bank:
“Leigh McQueen’s Fog Bank is deliciously wicked horror fun. McQueen’s knack for imagery makes the story dance in your head for long after the last word is read. I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.” – Patricia Preston, Author, To Save A Lady

Eva Shelton has come to the conclusion that the price for some excitement in her mundane life is too high. Her normal life is filled with things like the daily work grind, a tight budget, an overprotective mother, a failed relationship, and a long-nursed crush on her boss. The excitement begins one night after she notices a fog bank in her back yard. There is a man waiting and watching her from within the fog. The appearance of the fog coincides with a series of darkly erotic dreams and a bout of sleep walking. Fascination turns to fear as each appearance brings the fog closer to Eva’s back door. What is the fog? Who is the figure within it? What does it want? These are all questions to which Eva needs answers and time is swiftly running out.


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