Dreaming of Days in Astophel


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Dreaming of Days in Astophel by Lyn C. A. Gardner
Gardner’s collection of fantasy and science fiction takes you to the ends of the universe, real and imagined, and back again. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; so are Gardner’s poems. Here’s an example:
Our golden age is here: now we embark
Upon a quest to take back all our years.
We’ll not see Earth again–yet our delight
Shines bright in holos of our grandchildren,
Already grown while we sit nine years hence,
Bathed in radiation’s lethal warmth
Above an alien, life-giving soil,
Secrets to send back to dying Earth.
Who else would go, to die? They hail us Glenns,
After the man who proved it could be done.
There are no twilight years out where the sun
Shines all the time–and falls, sans gravity,
Now make us laugh like children. We give life
To an end that holds eternity for all–
To save the Earth, change Gold Years back to Green.
~ from “The Golden Age”


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