Disturbed Issue 3


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This is a quarterly digest. You’ll find some bent and tilted tales in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, and even some science fiction.
The Furor by Rebecca Melanie Sunquist
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by John Vicary
Crotalus by Tyree Campbell
Road Work by M. B. Manteufel
Heartland Flier by Lori M. Myers
An Early Morning Visitor by Robert A. Lindblom
Disturb Me Please! Terrifying Tropes and Deviant Devices by Terrie Leigh Relf
Cartoon by Janne Karlsson
Twin Demons by Marge Simon
Hood by Neil Weston
Purrifurry by Rebecca Melanie Sunquist
Winter Ghosts by Michael Pendragon
The Beach Runner by Todd French
Choice by Rhonda Parrish
At Innsmouth by Terrie Leigh Relf
Santa Claws by Greg Schwartz
The Devourer Cometh by Richard H. Fay
Twin Demons by Sandy DeLuca