Disturbed #20


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The Dogs of Venus by Sinéad McCabe
Once a Patsy by John H. Dromey
The Secret Procedure by Jason Radak
In Memoriam by Alan Murdock
Abraxas by Joseph Cusumano

flash fiction
Red Paint by Kailyn Kausen
Happy Birthday, Dear Emily by Mike Murphy
Passage by Kendall Evans

Sugar Daddy Ultimatum by Herb Kauderer
Patient 13 by K. S. Hardy
scifaiku by Matthew Wilson
Shadow of the Reaper by Matthew Wilson
Fate’s Revenge by Lisa Hawkridge
Bone Doll by K. S. Hardy
Not a Game by G.A. Scheinoha
A CGI Lobotomy by K. S. Hardy
The Altars of the Night by K. S. Hardy
Moon Shine by Greg Schwartz
Memories of Dead Places by Matthew Wilson

A Little Help, Please

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