Denizens of Darkness


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Denizens of Darkness edited by Herika R. Raymer
Denizens of Darkness includes residents of the mist in stories by Uel McClary and Glynn Barrass; entities with a dark purpose in stories by D. N. Calkins, Nicholas Conley, and Edward Ahern; and souls with secrets in stories by Christian Riley and Thomas Canfield. But of course there’s a lot more than that in this anthology. Make sure you have fresh light bulbs in the room before you start reading.
C. M. Saunders: Treat Night
Glynn Barrass: Mythical Beings
D. N. Calkins: Paper Lanterns
Christian Riley: The Bones Of Hyrum Hill
Paul Anderson: Fences
Sarah Gunn: The Longest Night
Kai Raine: The Mirror Affair
Bruce Memblatt: Waitstaff
Thomas Canfield: Brethren Of The Epiphany
Trevor Donaldson: From Within
Nicholas Conley: The Augmenters
Kristene Perron: Lucky Me
Edward Ahern: Damned If You Do
Clint Smith: “Like Father, Like . . . ”
Uel McClary: The Girl In The Mist
Glynn Barrass: FleshWorld
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