Cover of Darkness May 2009


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Gail Gray: Fire in Mica
Elizabeth Donald: Weathergirl
Philip S. Meckley: Drained
David Wright: Murder on the Martian Express
Jennifer Crow: Bones of Contention
Jason D. Wittman: The Horror in Celluloid
S. Alan Fox: Technology Bites
Dev Jarrett: Fallen Angel
Cathy Buburuz: Tin Lizzie
Ferrel D. Moore: Counter Creatures
Angeline Hawkes: The Ananias Syndrome
S. L. Bickley: The Cavern of the Yeth Mai
Sam S. Kepfield: Harvest Moon
Val D. Conder: There’s Hope
David C. Kopaska-Merkel: Ghost Lakes
Thor Gunnells: Lying Beneath
s.c. virtes: dream engine
Natalie Williams: Whore in a Crypt
Shelly Bryant: Night Falls
Thor Gunnells: A Son’s Wish
Aurelio Rico Lopez III: Stone, Blood, and Mortar
illustrations for “Tin Lizzie” by Rafal Hrynkiewicz


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