Broken Legacy


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Broken Legacy by Dana Baird
This is the third novel in The Spell Keeper Legends where we meet Cassie’s niece, Elesia, a spirited teenager who studies sorcery at the Academie Sorcellara and would rather be an adventurer than a proper lady. As adept at wielding two-edged verbal barbs as blades, Elesia is telepathic and blessed—or perhaps cursed— by inheriting the sorcery-enhanced fighting skills that usually fall to sons.
Elesia’s dreams of adventure begin to manifest when she meets Ledia di Orza and her bird, Cloud Runner. Ledia, a council member of the northern villages, has been sent to warn King Peterious of an encroaching army. Could Trevarre have escaped death to lead Undead Warriors against the realm again?
Elesia flees the castle to follow Ledia while King Peterious prepares the realm for war. Cassie confers with family, fellow sorcerers—and her Book of Spells! Will the earth-style weapons be any match against their enemies? Will Ledia and the northern villages be able to push back Trevarre’s forces when they call upon the animals to aid them?
And what of Trevarre’s monstrous cohort, Ashur, who does battle in armor made of flesh and bones?
Keep reading, and you will discover the darkest secret of all. . .


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