Bombay Sapphire Episode 3 The Babel Device


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Nakushi, a woman of the streets who was empowered by Agni, the god of storms, to become Bombay Sapphire, now finds herself overwhelmed with tasks. Her friends have been taken prisoner by the demon Kazeem, who provides the muscle for the gang known as the Deccan Dholes. Nakushi’s sister, Savitra, wants her dead. A rural village is in danger of flooding, and a bridge is out, preventing a large truck from delivering supplies to the village. A fire threatens to kill a little girl. Finally, Kallia, another demon working for the Dholes, has invented a device that will prevent Nakushi from transforming into Bombay Sapphire.

The shadows of Kazeem and the Dholes continue to fall hard on Bombay Sapphire. She must find a way to defeat the demon, who cannot be killed. Even if she succeeds, will that be enough to save her friends and her sister?


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