Bombay Sapphire Episode 2: The Deccan Dholes


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Bombay Sapphire
Episode 2 – The Deccan Dholes

A year has passed since Nakushi, a woman of the streets, was given the power to become Bombay Sapphire by Agni, the god of storms. Her sister Savitra has disappeared, but she continues to search for her while she fights the Deccan Dholes. The Dholes’ crime boss has been searching high and low for this hot blue superheroine who has cut deeply into his profits. Aiding him is Kazeem, a demon from the Hindu underworld, who longs to kill Bombay Sapphire.

Now, in late 1962, the Chinese army is invading India and slaughtering its ill-prepared soldiers. The Indian Prime Minister refuses to act, believing the Chinese diplomatic offers of friendship. Bombay Sapphire must act to save her beloved India, find her sister, and defeat the supernatural monster Kazeem. But has Agni given her too much to handle this time. Can Bombay Sapphire survive?


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