Bloodbond November 2014




Short Stories
Cry of the Red Wolf by Ken Goldman
No More Fly Eyes by Noel Osualdini
In the Northern Territories by R.S. Bohn
The Price of Immortality by H. David Blalock
The Star in the Water by Ian Hunter
Alone by Lizz Shepherd
Durante Lucas by Luke Tarzian
Dreams, Ghosts, or Demons? by Naomi Elster
Going Home by J.L. Neves

Interview with a Vampire by David James
James S. Dorr, section I
Entertain the Concept
The Vampire’s Suggestion
Vampire Muses
Shriga by Keith W. Sikora
JD DeHart section
The Howler Company
Another Piece of Spring
James S. Dorr, section II
Valentine Vamp
The Vampire Awakens by K.S. Hardy

Review for Sand and Blood, a novel by D. Moonfire by Barbara Malmberg


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