Bloodbond May 2016


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Bloodbond – May 2016 – Contents


Why Fairies Fight (and Vampires Don’t) by Amy Power Jansen
Human by Domyelle Rhyse
The Night before the Morning After by Jennifer Moore
The Blood is the Covenant by Dan Lee
Sound Advice by Shannon Lawrence
Bittersweet Memories by Spencer Koelle


Bad Valentine by Selena Bulfinch
Ligeia by Ashley Dioses
Hermione Untouchable by Deborah Guzzi
Bride of Dracula by John Grey
The Next Skin by G. A. Scheinoha
Up Close & Personal by G. A. Scheinoha
Blood Remembers by Lisa Lepovetsky
The Dark Fairy by Marge Simon
Ouroboro by Michael M. Rader


Cover: Deadly Night by Teresa Tunaley
Dark Fairy by Sandy DeLuca


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