Aoife’s Kiss 38


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Idun Asther: Diving For Mermaids
April French: Under A Lady’s Skirts
Steven Blake: The Chest In The Cellar
J. J. Steinfeld: The Suicide Inspector
Holly Heisey: Fully Human
David Castlewitz: The Witch’s Word
Richard Harland: The Smilders Of Wisserpolt
Kate Kelly: Down To The Sea
James Fitzsimmons: Rolli The Ocular
Mark Silcox: The Priceless Future
Gary Budgen: Sweet Fury
Katie Tillwick: Welder’s Rebellion
Jennifer Rachel Baumer: The Sound Of Wind In Wires
flash fiction
David C. Kopaska-Merkel: Hamster Down
William R. Ford Jr: The Pallor Of The Nether Sail
Christopher E. Hicks: Realist
Christina Sng: Red Planet
G. A. Scheinoha: Scarab
Brandon Landreth: A Magical Poem
V. Anne Arden: The Ancient Race Of The Next Age
Peter Layton: No, Nothing
Sheryl L. Nelms: Arthur
Sheryl L. Nelms: Alcohol and Drug Rehab
Leland James: Ghost Riders
Verona Winn: All Hallows Eve
Sheryl L. Nelms: scifaiku
Wade German: The Archmage Takes Up Role-Playing
Jacob Edwards Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – 2
Edward Cox Book Review: High Kings by H. David Blalock