City in the Ice

Lovecraftian tales of the unknown and unimaginable. Islands that appear and disappear, ghost ships floating out of the fog to drift into shipping lanes centuries after being reported missing, odd animal remains everywhere meeting no previously known form—the world is … Continue reading City in the Ice

Drabble Harvest #11-Unnatural Wildlife Handbook

What sort of creatures live out there on the other planets of the Universe? Which ones are friendly, which ones should be avoided, and which ones will steal your space shuttle and debit cards? Find out in this wild and … Continue reading Drabble Harvest #11-Unnatural Wildlife Handbook

The Clockwork Queen

Sam Noel is a bright teenager whose world is filled with amazing contraptions such as massive airships that soar over the city, but all of the greatest technological wonders are over a century old. It’s as if all technological advancement … Continue reading The Clockwork Queen

Disturbed #22

Disturbed—September 2018 Contents stories The Thicket by Kendra Sims Timber House by Matt Athanasiou Festerweights: A Tartarean Prizefight by Jeremy Thompson On the Path by Kelly A. Harmon Funhouse by James Prenatt The Friend Zone by Doug Russell Companions of … Continue reading Disturbed #22

Last Train to Deakin Valley

Peter Larkin is a young photographer working for the railway press. He discovers a disused line, but struggles to find any reference to it. His search connects him with a “white witch” in the village of Hathersage, who has all … Continue reading Last Train to Deakin Valley

Thuvia, Maid of Earth

A solar mass ejection is about to incinerate the Earth and almost all life will die. Thuvia is a highly gifted teenager who has a plan to survive and to repopulate the species—a plan for which she’ll need help. For … Continue reading Thuvia, Maid of Earth

Come Dream With Me

Come Dream with Me is a collection of the art of Sandy DeLuca. Printed in color, this hardback book presents a journey of artistic development, from her beginning inspirations to the present. Each painting is annotated by the artist.

Scifaikuest 61

August 2018 Scifaikuest, the 16th anniversary issue. Nick Hoffman is the Featured Poet

Voyeuse Episode 1: Conquistador

Her day name is Lisa Verdi. She comes from Ecuador, she’s a bit kinky, and she is descended from the Incas, by whom she is empowered. She can sense crimes before they are committed, and the sensation arouses her—so she … Continue reading Voyeuse Episode 1: Conquistador

Illumen 32

Featured Poet: Will H. Blackwell Jr. Article: My Journey to Speculative Poetry by JD DeHart.

Bring Me the Head of Philip K. Dick’s Simulacrum

Philip Dick died in March of 1982. After his death, Hanson Robotics created a robot in the likeness of the author. It was one of the most advanced of its time, programmed to respond to questions and capable of quoting … Continue reading Bring Me the Head of Philip K. Dick’s Simulacrum

The Comfort of Screams

The Comfort of Screams is the latest collection of dark poetry from G. O. Clark. Within its pages you’ll encounter ghosts, witches, Nature run amuck, The Old Ones, and, Death. Add to these the coroner’s daughter, a mortician, a rock … Continue reading The Comfort of Screams

Outposts of Beyond July 2018

Novelette The Lady Who Sings to the Dead by Steve Cameron Short Stories The One That Is All by Mike Adamson The Voice of the Moroth by John Buentello & Lawrence Buentello The Monster at the End of the World … Continue reading Outposts of Beyond July 2018

Drabble Harvest #10-Shapeshifter Brothel

One size does NOT fit all, and not all cats are gray after dark. Some of them aren’t even cats.

Brigstowe Dragons 2: Return of the Black Magician

Kenric, the telepathic Dragon Master, must once again confront the evil sorcerer Kemshah. This time the Black Magician has abducted Kenric’s true love, holding her in exchange for the Orb of Orcas—a device of which Kenric knows only that the … Continue reading Brigstowe Dragons 2: Return of the Black Magician

Disturbed #21

June 2018 Disturbed stories As the Crow Flies by Lorraine Pinelli Brown Très Mal by Paul Lubaczewski The Cat’s Meow by Joss Schlossberg Milk by Iri Sumner The Key of Love, or Lovesick by Robyn Groth The Blight by Will … Continue reading Disturbed #21